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My second topic I would like to cover, one which that I will be elaborating on later in my case study is e-sports. Now the idea that a video game is a sport in any way is somewhat laughable to more, that and if games are sports I am an amateur athlete. That part is funny because I am considerably over weight.  Either way e-sports are starting to take route around the world, particularly here in America where ESPN has started to air e-sports as well as universities starting develop e-sport teams.

However we are just starting to embrace the idea of e-sport into popular culture, sure there has been the MLG and other circuits but these have been private never aired across America. That Trend really started in South Korea. The most popular title South Korea is known for is the StarCraft series where teams and players compete in an almost super bowl like environment with money and reputations on the line. Below I will post three videos, which are three parts of a small documentary looking into one of the teams and their training and living arrangements. But the take away is that they are prioritizing resources to essentially televising a video game match.

Meanwhile, here in America, we are just starting to televise these events and the idea of introducing into mainstream culture is taking hold. Weather or not this was influenced by South Korea is unclear, but here we see something one culture has fully embraced being embraced by our culture.


So that’s that, if you want to contribute to the conversation please comment. And all that jazz.​




Global Media Assignment: America and Japan

Video Games got their start in America. However over the last forty some odd years games have spread to multiple countries and with the advent of the internet those gaming communities across the globe have grown closer, or apart depending on how the players are treating each other.

Over the next couple months I will be talking about games and globalization, or specifically focusing the relation ship between games and the various countries that play and make them. To be clear I am doing this for an assignment for my Global media and Global voices classes this semester. We are at minimum required to post in relation to the class bi-weekly. So In between globalization posts I will be making other posts in regards to movies, games so on and so forth.

To start things off I really wanted to talk about a few things involving japan. Today we’ll talk about controls. At this point you’ll probably be saying “pff controls? That’s the amazing topic you’re starting off with?” , yes, yes I am. I am binging this up because of the recent release of the Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo. Because, well, the controls are terrible. The Controls are very, erm Japanese. I don’t mean to be offensive, but the Japanese are tied to the letters and symbols used on controller buttons. Allow me to elaborate.

When the Original PlayStation was released the four face buttons were labeled with four specific symbols. The top button is triangle, the right: circle, bottom: X, left: square. For the longest time I thought they were literally just arbitrary symbols placed on the controller for the sake of something design. However, it has been revealed that these symbols actually meant something. In Japan the symbols X and O each mean No and Yes respectively. They intended the square to symbolize a hand, and triangle means point of view. Sounds great however that memo did not really translate over to the American market. In fact I recall being a young lad playing the Playstation and being absolutely thrown off when navigating menus and game play in a Japanese developed game and I press the X button to accept something and I instead deny something. Granted I eventually learned, but there was a definite disconnect between American Audiences and Japanese development. As our western development spread and gained influence over the industry certain American practices of button mapping spread to other devs and today when playing any game, the controls or follow pretty standard layouts that are similar across the spectrum. An example if any of how the consolidation of global cultures have influenced the change in development culture.

So there I hope you found that somewhat interesting, if you have any opinions or would like correct me, or add to the conversation, I highly encourage you to comment. Tune in for the next assignment based blog and we’ll take a look at E-Sports how they were bigger over seas and have now moved into mainstream America.


Summer Movies

So  recently, like four days ago, I went on a bit of a movie binge. Monday morning saw Godzilla for the second time, then tuesday for 5 dollar tuesdays at Marcus theater i went with a group of friends to see X-Men days of future past and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Three great movies.  Granted they all have their own flaws and things they did well.

Godzilla: takes too long to build up with a couple unnecessary characters , as pointed out by some of the members of Roosterteeth  during a recent podcast, there seems to be two characters for every one character, it seems kind of silly and redundant. Also two scenes kinda stuck out and annoyed me, one involving a very strange exchange in dialogue at the beginning of the film, and another where they do this long drawn out panning shot that builds up to a reveal that ultimately ends in “who the hell is this?”, but the wait and and payoff at the end is well worth it, a classic Godzilla flick.

X-men: Days of future past: Way better then that piece of crap third movie, now if they could only fix that whole Deadpool debacle that was in X-men: Origins:Wolverine

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: It’s good… ok really it is good, but we spend less time with spidey and more time with peter, which is tolerable because it ins’t the man child Toby McGuire, though i will give him Spider-Man 2, that was a decent one. Also look forward to a movie jam packed with a plethora of references to the comics as well as other major characters.


Been a While: Let’s Blog #2

Well I never meant to go this long without posting but things came up, end of the semester was kind of nuts and not its summer break. However i have plenty to do, so lets start of with a new Let’s Blog, taking a look at May’s second Xbox gaming with gold freebie.


Let’s Blog

So today i figured i’d try something new…ish, time to time if i have time i do what’s called let’s plays, pretty much playing a game with commentary, think “Mystery Science Theater 3001” just not any where near as hilarious. Well for today i figured i’d just blog while playing a bit of a game, usually let’s plays span several videos in the same game, but with a … Let’s Blog we get only little bits and pieces , any way here’s episode 1.


May the 4th

Well it’s the closing hours of May 4th 2014. I’ve made it through most of the Star Wars Movies. I did it chronologically to get the other ones out of the way and watch the good ones. That being said, the original trilogy is obviously the superior in terms of story telling, a bit cheesy at times but let’s face it, when these movie came out it was the forefront of special FX and film making. The new trilogy, or will it now be called the second trilogy?, is massively impressive from a special FX standpoint… not so much the story though, filled some of the worst characters like Jar Jar Binks, and some dialogue that is equivalent to doggerel poetry. We really didn’t need the political commentary, or the creepy high school stalker turned Stockholm syndrome love story. ok the last bit might have been important but they way in which it is told is just creepy.  Here’s to the JJ Abrams’ era of Star Wars let’s hope the force is with him.

Here’s a picture of Anakin’s stalker face. Enjoy 🙂



If you knew me personally you’d know that i am a huge fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones. It’s one of the few things i invest emotions into, which is probably a bad thing considering the number of main characters that get axed through out the series. I just watched the latest episode last night… man things are getting good. Old problems are disappearing but all new ones are popping up on the horizon. it makes me giddy like a school girl, tee hee. Generally anything middle ages theme fascinates me, love sword fighting, and dragons are my most favorite thing in the world. some of you may be asking “how old are you?”, i am 24 and my inner child is still alive so deal with it.

Ok so like i said GoT is one of the few shows i get emotionally invested in. Well anyway the group of crows that betrayed the rest of the night’s watch and took crastor’s camp, some of the most hate-able characters. I was annoyed at how they treated Sam, i was upset when they turned on lord mormont and murdered him, a hatred only rekindled when seeing the scene where the one guy drinks out of mormont’s skull. BUT! when i saw Hodor being tortured by the renegade crows i was down right raging yelling at the screen “I WILL RAIN THE WRATH OF SEVEN HELLS DOWN UPON YOU IF YOU HURT HODOR!” like i said i’m invested.


Man i hope i’m up to date on these…

Still sick… so there’s that… but if you’re here obviously you came to hear a madman ramble on about various media.

Right so any way… hmm  whats in the news, oh the Oculus Rift. What is the Oculus Rift? Well it is a set of goggles that you wear that have screens on the inside. Or in even plainer terms it’s virtual reality device that apparently is very immersive. Though from an avid gamer’s point of view, I am very curious as to what the experience is like. I can only imagine it would mess with your sense of reality, ah but any way enjoy the following videos involving the Oculus Rift.


RoosterTeeth even put out a video (Warning offensive language)


So i’ve got my self a nice little cold, stuffed nose, cough, disoriented. I don’t get sick often but when I do I am completely out of it. I get hit hard. Getting hit so quick with this sickness i started to remember the last time i got sick.

Last time I got this sick was last summer while I was sick I decided to play Hotline Miami. For those who are e unaware of Hotline Miami, it is a top down twin stick shooter. You play as an unknown character who receives cryptic phone calls and you go on a murder spree. Not exactly moral I agree but its the mystery behind the subtle story that compels the player forward. In addition to a heavy 80’s color pallet and a completely disorienting and primal soundtrack rounds out a unique experience. (see the attached video)
Well my story involves me playing this game, under the influence of heavy hitting cold medicine. Combine my complete disorientation with the dissonant music and the fluctuating, border line seizure inducing color changes, I was absolutely out of it. The sounds amplified my confusion, leading me to file this under an experience i like to talk about, but not one i would like to repeat, that being said, Hotline Miami is a very unique game that i recommend,just play it under a proper state of mind.

WARNING GAME IS RATED M for 17 and Up quite graphic