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My second topic I would like to cover, one which that I will be elaborating on later in my case study is e-sports. Now the idea that a video game is a sport in any way is somewhat laughable to more, that and if games are sports I am an amateur athlete. That part is funny because I am considerably over weight.  Either way e-sports are starting to take route around the world, particularly here in America where ESPN has started to air e-sports as well as universities starting develop e-sport teams.

However we are just starting to embrace the idea of e-sport into popular culture, sure there has been the MLG and other circuits but these have been private never aired across America. That Trend really started in South Korea. The most popular title South Korea is known for is the StarCraft series where teams and players compete in an almost super bowl like environment with money and reputations on the line. Below I will post three videos, which are three parts of a small documentary looking into one of the teams and their training and living arrangements. But the take away is that they are prioritizing resources to essentially televising a video game match.

Meanwhile, here in America, we are just starting to televise these events and the idea of introducing into mainstream culture is taking hold. Weather or not this was influenced by South Korea is unclear, but here we see something one culture has fully embraced being embraced by our culture.


So that’s that, if you want to contribute to the conversation please comment. And all that jazz.​




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