Summer Movies

So  recently, like four days ago, I went on a bit of a movie binge. Monday morning saw Godzilla for the second time, then tuesday for 5 dollar tuesdays at Marcus theater i went with a group of friends to see X-Men days of future past and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Three great movies.  Granted they all have their own flaws and things they did well.

Godzilla: takes too long to build up with a couple unnecessary characters , as pointed out by some of the members of Roosterteeth  during a recent podcast, there seems to be two characters for every one character, it seems kind of silly and redundant. Also two scenes kinda stuck out and annoyed me, one involving a very strange exchange in dialogue at the beginning of the film, and another where they do this long drawn out panning shot that builds up to a reveal that ultimately ends in “who the hell is this?”, but the wait and and payoff at the end is well worth it, a classic Godzilla flick.

X-men: Days of future past: Way better then that piece of crap third movie, now if they could only fix that whole Deadpool debacle that was in X-men: Origins:Wolverine

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: It’s good… ok really it is good, but we spend less time with spidey and more time with peter, which is tolerable because it ins’t the man child Toby McGuire, though i will give him Spider-Man 2, that was a decent one. Also look forward to a movie jam packed with a plethora of references to the comics as well as other major characters.



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