Summer Movies

So  recently, like four days ago, I went on a bit of a movie binge. Monday morning saw Godzilla for the second time, then tuesday for 5 dollar tuesdays at Marcus theater i went with a group of friends to see X-Men days of future past and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Three great movies.  Granted they all have their own flaws and things they did well.

Godzilla: takes too long to build up with a couple unnecessary characters , as pointed out by some of the members of Roosterteeth  during a recent podcast, there seems to be two characters for every one character, it seems kind of silly and redundant. Also two scenes kinda stuck out and annoyed me, one involving a very strange exchange in dialogue at the beginning of the film, and another where they do this long drawn out panning shot that builds up to a reveal that ultimately ends in “who the hell is this?”, but the wait and and payoff at the end is well worth it, a classic Godzilla flick.

X-men: Days of future past: Way better then that piece of crap third movie, now if they could only fix that whole Deadpool debacle that was in X-men: Origins:Wolverine

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: It’s good… ok really it is good, but we spend less time with spidey and more time with peter, which is tolerable because it ins’t the man child Toby McGuire, though i will give him Spider-Man 2, that was a decent one. Also look forward to a movie jam packed with a plethora of references to the comics as well as other major characters.



Been a While: Let’s Blog #2

Well I never meant to go this long without posting but things came up, end of the semester was kind of nuts and not its summer break. However i have plenty to do, so lets start of with a new Let’s Blog, taking a look at May’s second Xbox gaming with gold freebie.


Let’s Blog

So today i figured i’d try something new…ish, time to time if i have time i do what’s called let’s plays, pretty much playing a game with commentary, think “Mystery Science Theater 3001” just not any where near as hilarious. Well for today i figured i’d just blog while playing a bit of a game, usually let’s plays span several videos in the same game, but with a … Let’s Blog we get only little bits and pieces , any way here’s episode 1.


May the 4th

Well it’s the closing hours of May 4th 2014. I’ve made it through most of the Star Wars Movies. I did it chronologically to get the other ones out of the way and watch the good ones. That being said, the original trilogy is obviously the superior in terms of story telling, a bit cheesy at times but let’s face it, when these movie came out it was the forefront of special FX and film making. The new trilogy, or will it now be called the second trilogy?, is massively impressive from a special FX standpoint… not so much the story though, filled some of the worst characters like Jar Jar Binks, and some dialogue that is equivalent to doggerel poetry. We really didn’t need the political commentary, or the creepy high school stalker turned Stockholm syndrome love story. ok the last bit might have been important but they way in which it is told is just creepy.  Here’s to the JJ Abrams’ era of Star Wars let’s hope the force is with him.

Here’s a picture of Anakin’s stalker face. Enjoy 🙂